Artisans Row

Artisans’ Row is a collection of workshop areas where artisans & scholars can demonstrate, share, and teach (preferably hands-on) their particular skills & knowledge. While we will have a “lecture tent” available with a projection screen and electricity for more traditional 1-hour lecture-type classes, we encourage instructors to turn their classes into a hands-on workshop or live demonstration class (of any needed length). Artisans’ Row also offers multi-step classes, open workshops, demonstration, and even one-on-one tutoring-type sessions as follow-ups to other classes, or for artisans to share the techniques and projects they are working on with the populace.

We invite everyone to come by and see what’s happening any day – visitors, observers, and questions are always welcome!

ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE (COMING SOON FOR 2018) – a living document that will continue to change.

AR Botanical – Herbal and Botanical studies
AR Culinary – Culinary Arts, Brewing
AR Glass – Lampwork (glass beads, etc.)
AR Metals/Jewelry – Metalwork, wirework, enameling, etc.
AR Textiles A / B – – needlework, lace, costuming, etc.
AR Textiles Wet – dyeing, basketweaving, fleece/fiber preparation, etc.
AR Spin/Weave  – textiles construction knitting, naalbinding, spinning, weaving, etc.
AR Woodwork – carving, joining, tools, boxes, etc.
AR Leather – leatherwork, architecture, geometry, and STUFF!
AR Lecture – General ‘lecture’ topics, meetings, etc.
Bede Hall – Monday & Tuesday Overflow classes

AR Wood Annex – The Wood & Enamel Annex: workshop for learning basic woodworking skills by making Viking (travelling) boxes, and enameling insignia (personal or kingdom – bring your artwork).
The Great Machine: a 16th C dog-powered tread wheel that pumps the bellows, runs a power hammer, and a grinding stone and buffing wheel.

NOTE that OTHER locations on site have THESE codes:
AM = Al-Mahala;
EPL = Early Period Life;
PA = Performing Arts;
EQ = Equestrian,
CdO = Ca d’Oro Renaissance Salon

Gulf Wars Scholar: Take at least 6 classes across 6 class areas or 6 within a single area/topic. Turn in your signed class schedule by noon on Saturday. Ages 5+ eligible.
GW Journeyman Program: Interest Meetings Sunday 2pm / Monday 10am. Volunteer and work on projects in a single area for the entire week. To sign up, contact or come to the Journeyman Interest meeting.
Artisans’ Row Social: Monday, 8pm. Join us to meet up with fellow artisans, scholars, and patrons. Requesting donations of “Raw Materials” for Volunteer’s Point Above & Beyond table. Museum Night Presentations: If you have visited a museum or acquired an artifact that you would like to share, we will have a place for them, and time for you to present them. Contact for details.
Secret Squirrel Awards: Best camp furniture (individual) & (group), Best ensemble camp, best heraldic display and most awesome thing. Nominations accepted at AR Woodworking from 9am Monday to 5pm Wednesday.
Gulf Wars Journeyman & On-site Artisan Display: Saturday 9am. Display any project you started during the war. Don’t worry if it is not complete – your journey is the most important aspect of your piece. (Journeymen are expected to enter.)
Artisans Row 2018 Interest Meeting: Saturday 2:30pm, Meeting for anyone interested in planning for next year.  Join us then, or join the Artisans Row discussion on Facebook at Artisans Row Gulf Wars and/or yahoo group,

I’m not an Artisan – can I just attend a class? Yes! If you are interested in a particular craft or art, the Artisans’ Row format affords you the opportunity to actually spend time watching, and learning hands-on from someone who has done the research and is putting that research into practice. You can also simply drop by and see what’s happening. Our artisans love to provide you the opportunity to use their tools and equipment to learn how to make something, as they would have done it in the Middle Ages. (A small fee or safety class may be involved in order to participate.)

I am an artisan/performer/scholar – why should I participate? To foster your art/scholarship! If you are an artisan/performer/scholar, the Row gives you the opportunity to share your research and put it into practice for an audience who appreciates your hard work, and wants to learn from it. Artisans’ Row is also a great place for artisans and those interested in the arts to network, share ideas and collaborate on joint projects. Guilds: Artisans’ Row is an excellent opportunity for you to show your craft, inform the public, and recruit new members!

Teaching a Class:  We are always looking for teachers! If you would like to teach a class, hold a workshop, conduct a demonstration, etc. at Artisan’ ‘Row, submit your class online or via e-mail to help us schedule your class/activity. If you have any questions, please email