Rules of Kennel Lands (All dogs except Service Dogs)
Anyone wishing to take part in coursing activities must be at least 18 years of age. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian & sign special waivers.
Anyone bringing a hound/dog to take part in Coursing Activities must register by Jan. 31, 2019 with the Kennel Lands Coordinator Please also indicate on your registration that you will be camping in Kennel Lands; this will allow for space to be set aside for you and your hound/s. Please indicate the number of hounds attending (space considerations). If you do not register, you will not be allowed to bring your hound/dog on site.
All hounds/dogs taking part in coursing activities MUST be housed at Kennel Lands, waivers signed and site tags will be issued that must be worn at all times (exceptions for Service Dogs will be made on a case by case basis). Kennel Lands supporters (gentles who are not accompanied by hounds) are also welcome to camp in Kennel Lands, however pre-registration by Jan. 31, 2019 and an email to the Coordinator are still required. Please understand that if you camp in Kennel Lands, you will be asked to help with the hounds.

All hounds/dogs must have the following:
Rabies certificate (tags do not count) with your vet’s contact information.
Kennel Cough shot due to the close proximity of strange hounds/dogs and the change in climate.
turn-out pen
crate or someplace for your hound to have privacy and rest
leash (hound/dog must be leashed at all times when not in turn-out pen, crate, or with owner/handler in attendance)
poop bags (to clean up after your hound/dog)
first-aid kit for hound/dog
food & water for the week
No female hounds in season will be allowed on site.
Hounds/dogs must have a handler with them at all times.
If your hound/dog causes problems you may be asked to remove it from site.

Breeds other than Greyhounds.

Need documentation that your breed would have coursed in period by Jan. 31, 2019. This is so that a decision can be made on whether to allow your hound/dog to attend.
There will be absolutely no mixed breeds allowed.
Breeds presently approved are: Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Borzoi, Cane Corso, Mastiffs, Vizsla  and Salukis.

Other stuff:

No fosterlings will be available for adoption for Gulf Wars XXVIII.

We will have activities during the week for the hounds/dogs on Kennel Lands.

There will also be classes offered daily – Online Class Schedule.(Google doc, subject to change)
If you wish to teach a class, contact the coordinator at Coordinator or submit via the online class form.