Main Schedule is Posted

By | January 30, 2020

For those that have been looking for the Main Schedule and wondering where it is at.  Look no further.

As most of us, we want to get a head start on coordinating our activities at GulfWars and in order to do that we need the Main Schedule.  In that past we have had to wait until arrival at War to get hold of the site book and then start pouring over it.

With having both a webpage and social media presence, we can now get a head start on it.  But, now to that same web/social media we can continue to update the schedule up to and during GulfWars for items like the classes and last minute revels and elevations.  The only problem with that being, it is not listed in the official Site Book.  

Some people collect the books as a rite of passage because the only place to obtain one is at GulfWars (just like the site tokens).  Having that crucial announcement in the book for some is the ultimate goal.  

For those that can not attend due to mundane life (work, kids, family issues) just being able to go over the book (if you can get someone to get one for you) is a wish that next year you will be able attend and start planning now.

This year, I am posting the schedule on the Main Schedule page.  I have also included links for both Excel and Pdf files for those that want to download and start planning now.  Just be aware that the online file will most likely change.  As additional events and announcements are forwarded to me, I will add them and update the file.  I will not be making any annoucements that changes have been made, you will need to go back and look for the updated file name.

I hope that everyone has a great and wonderful war.


Lady Juliana verch Hoell, Webmistress, GulfWars