What Is There To Do?

By | November 1, 2016

There are many scheduled events for the war. Not interested in Evil Fiber arts or fighting? There are dozens of areas of activities at Gulf Wars. Including children’s activities, Middle Eastern activities, creative activities of any nature you can imagine. A small sample…

Heavy Fighting
Rapier Fighting
Live Weapons
Heraldic Activities
Scribe Activities
Equestrian Activities
Hound Coursing

View the schedule area for the current War Schedule. If you don’t find something you find interesting, you can always volunteer some of your valuable time. This time will be counted and could turn the tide of the war.

Meet new people and learn new things. Volunteer today! The war can be won not only on the battle field and A&S competitions, volunteering can easily turn the tide of the war by the often overlooked Volunteer War Points. The volunteer part of the war earns two points!